Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wrigley Field

Our fist outing in Chicago was a tour of Wrigley Field. This was Bryan's idea and I have to give the guy credit it was a very good choice!
Here's one of the only available images of blue sky from our whole trip, so enjoy it while you can!
We were able to go inside the locker room, which leaves alot to be desired. It is a tiny little space, but the area our group was allowed to be in was even smaller. Talking about herding cattle, this is when we got friendly with everyone in our group! My favorite player was Matt Murton, but unfortunately the Cubs traded him last year, although I did get the chance to see him play for the Iowa Cubs. With Murton gone my next favorite is Fukudome, I think it his name, I love to hear Little Buddy saying it in his little 3 year old voice!
Here's my bench warmer thinking about all the butts who have graced that seat. Ok maybe that was me thinking of all those famous butts! Sorry I just can't help it.
I handed off my camera to the tour guide for a shot of the two of us because...

we discovered I'm not the best with self-portraits! You try holding up that behemoth camera and balancing it with one hand!!

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