Monday, March 31, 2008

"Mom, How do I work this thing?"

I have been sick over the weekend and haven't gotten any work done, so I was downstairs on the computer this morning when I heard Little Buddy hollering, "Mom help me, help me. How do I work this thing?". I told him to come show me and I would help him. He came down stairs with a very funny hat on. I happened to have my little camera sitting on my desk and I hurried and took a quick shot, but he had gotten embarrassed from me laughing at him and he took it off. I tried and tried to get him to put it back on, he finally did with payment of $1. I really hope he doesn't come back in 15-20 years and ask me to show him how to "work that thing".

Monday, March 24, 2008

Post-Easter sugar coma

The title is no where near the truth, but it was my first thought when I took this picture. Actually Little Buddy only had 1 Hershey kiss from his Easter basket. Poor little guy had a bit of a stomach bug on Easter and didn't get to enjoy his basket or the yummy dinner at Grandma's.
We went to the church Egg Hunt on Saturday and he found a basket full of eggs, but again he didn't get to enjoy any of them, as they were all chocolate and with his peanut allergies we had to give them away. He is so cute when he asks if things have peanuts, I'm sure he has no idea what a peanut is but he knows not to eat them. He says" Peanuts Kill me."
For the first time he noticed that the kids were gone to their dad's house. We were driving by The Chatterbox and Badger Boy's school on Friday and he asked if they were at school and I told them they were at their dad's house. He said " I hate they go to their dad's house."
He uses the word hate quite a bit though so I don't know if he understands what it means. So far he has told us that he hates Sprite, Milk, Shrek, Dad-d, food, and shoes.
He also uses the word love alot. I have a 16x20 of a little girl I took pictures of this past summer in my office and last week he told me he loved her. He also told Miss Brainy and I that a little girl at the kids school was his girlfriend and he loved her. Both girls are adorable so I guess he has good taste!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What are little brothers for?!!!

It's good thing The Chatterbox doesn't play with her Barbies much, because Little Buddy has decided they are
all better off with no heads! He scares me a little, I'm afraid he will turn out like the little boy on toy story, with all the decapitated and dismembered toys. When I ask him why he did it he said "I'm just a bad boy."

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Caught red handed

We took Little Buddy's pacifier away during the day quite a few months ago and he is only allowed to have it at bedtime. So what do you think I found hiding under this "huge" box?
He had gotten into the drawer in the kitchen that holds his cup lids, pacifiers, old bottle nipples, etc... and found a nipple and a pacifier "leash" and was sucking away on it.
He looked so guilty when I looked under the box!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Little Leprechauns

The Boss

Your Irish Name Is...
Maeve Moore
Miss Brainy

Your Irish Name Is...
Caitlin Clarke
The Chatterbox

Your Irish Name Is...
Chloe Fitzpatrick
Badger Boy

Your Irish Name Is...
Aidan Ahearne
Little Buddy

Your Irish Name Is...
Quinn Hughes

Badger Boy

I noticed that I hadn't shared many shots of Badger Boy, so I pulled out a few from the last couple months. I don't have as many of him, because he never sits still long enough. I love his green eyes in this first one, he is the only one of my kids to have eyes like me!
Here he is playing goalie this fall with his YMCA soccer team. After the first couple games I was getting a little annoyed that they were only playing him as goalie, I thought he should have a chance to get out there and play forward. I asked him if he wanted to play forward, because then I would talk to his coach. He said he likes to play goalie because he doesn't have to run and he can use his hands! I think he also likes it because then he gets to goof around, doing cartwheels, and sitting on his butt while the team is on the other end of the field.
Here's a recent image from my grandma's attic set that he and Little Buddy modeled for me.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Little Buddy and Roco

Here's my mom's new puppy Roco! He loved Little Buddy, though I'm not sure Little Buddy loved his "kisses". Can you believe this litle dog would stand on the back of the trike like that?!