Monday, March 24, 2008

Post-Easter sugar coma

The title is no where near the truth, but it was my first thought when I took this picture. Actually Little Buddy only had 1 Hershey kiss from his Easter basket. Poor little guy had a bit of a stomach bug on Easter and didn't get to enjoy his basket or the yummy dinner at Grandma's.
We went to the church Egg Hunt on Saturday and he found a basket full of eggs, but again he didn't get to enjoy any of them, as they were all chocolate and with his peanut allergies we had to give them away. He is so cute when he asks if things have peanuts, I'm sure he has no idea what a peanut is but he knows not to eat them. He says" Peanuts Kill me."
For the first time he noticed that the kids were gone to their dad's house. We were driving by The Chatterbox and Badger Boy's school on Friday and he asked if they were at school and I told them they were at their dad's house. He said " I hate they go to their dad's house."
He uses the word hate quite a bit though so I don't know if he understands what it means. So far he has told us that he hates Sprite, Milk, Shrek, Dad-d, food, and shoes.
He also uses the word love alot. I have a 16x20 of a little girl I took pictures of this past summer in my office and last week he told me he loved her. He also told Miss Brainy and I that a little girl at the kids school was his girlfriend and he loved her. Both girls are adorable so I guess he has good taste!

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