Thursday, March 13, 2008

Badger Boy

I noticed that I hadn't shared many shots of Badger Boy, so I pulled out a few from the last couple months. I don't have as many of him, because he never sits still long enough. I love his green eyes in this first one, he is the only one of my kids to have eyes like me!
Here he is playing goalie this fall with his YMCA soccer team. After the first couple games I was getting a little annoyed that they were only playing him as goalie, I thought he should have a chance to get out there and play forward. I asked him if he wanted to play forward, because then I would talk to his coach. He said he likes to play goalie because he doesn't have to run and he can use his hands! I think he also likes it because then he gets to goof around, doing cartwheels, and sitting on his butt while the team is on the other end of the field.
Here's a recent image from my grandma's attic set that he and Little Buddy modeled for me.

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