Sunday, July 4, 2010

99% complete

We have been working on our kitchen for almost 3 years...3 YEARS!!! That is 1095 days, give or take a few, that we have lived in a messy, dusty, construction zone! I am so very happy to say that we are almost done. Here is a before image, notice the beautiful mustard colored beat up oven, stove, and sink, disgusting chipped up backsplash and counter top, and the equally gross discolored ceilings. We also had huge island (wrap around bar) with carpet on the sides to contend with smack dab in the center of the room.
We still have some floor tile to regrout, finish grouting and sealing the backsplash, outlet covers and drawer pulls to install, and window coverings to make. I have also been enjoying hunting Flea markets and Antique stores for the perfect accessories.
Here's a couple old posts with images.