Saturday, January 31, 2009

Let there be light!

We have NEW light fixtures and a NEW potrack in the kitchen!!!
Can you feel the excitement!!!
images coming soon

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Laughter Lives Tuesday- take 2

Laughter LivesThis post is part of "Laughter Lives! Tuesday" on the Riggs Family Blog. Check our their blog to read everyone else's "Laughter Lives!" posts.

This week is The Funny, Cute & Endearing Ways We Say 'I Love You'.
I'm not sure anything we do is really that funny, but here goes.

Bryan and I have always said the numbers 2-1-4 to each other, on the phone when it is not the best time to say 'i love you', at the end of little notes or letters, and he has even been known to write it on the steamy bathroom mirror. I won't go into detail what these numbers signify to use, I'll keep that our little secret.

Little Buddy is the most loving child, always telling us out of the blue that he loves us. The other day we were talking and he told me he loved me. I asked him who else he loves, he answered "Dude (daddy), Miss Brainy, The Chatterbox, Badger Boy, and The Boss." Then he paused and said "but I don't love her hole!" (he of course used their real names :)!!)
The Boss had surgery this past fall to place an ostomy (or hole) in her side to make cathing easier. Well she finds it hilarious to tease Little Buddy by showing him her "hole" and telling him that her "guts" are going to fall out. He is terrified by her "hole", but that is what brothers and sisters are for, terrorizing each other one minute and the next huddled up together plotting against the grown-ups!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me Monday

I did not almost forget to post a "not me Monday" post. Well maybe I did "almost" forget but 8:48 p.m. is still Monday so it counts!!
I did not allow my 14 year old daughter to "dorkstamp" my 3 year old son. I also did not tell him that it said his name so that I could get these shots of him!

See that purple stuff on his nose and neck? I did not allow him to color on himself because it is washable marker, only to find out he was using his sisters markers that weren't washable. Only took 2 baths before it faded away.

I would never call my daughter Owen, when she comes home from a youth group lock-in at church, complaining that she may have broken her nose. She only slightly resembled Owen Wilson and you would never hear me tell her that his slightly deformed nose only adds character!

I definitely did not almost get up and walk out of Village Ick (oops I mean Inn) when the waiter brought me not 1 but 2 glasses of water that looked like he grabbed them from bussboys dirty dishes tray. The only thing that kept me there was my dear husband who refused to let us leave, good thing he has manners!

I did not buy a pumpkin cheesecake roll yesterday and then eat almost all of it in one day. I did not leave a small sliver for Bryan just so he couldn't claim I had eaten it all!

I did not go to Walmart to buy a tube of adhesive for Bryan because he was still in his pajamas at 3 in the afternoon and then buy the wrong thing. It couldn't have been because the item was in the wrong bin, in the area that my husband manages. My dear darling husband did not get mad at me for buying the wrong thing. I did not post on my Facebook "Courtney thinks her husband should go shopping himself if he is going to complain when I buy the "wrong" thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I did not find it extremely funny that one of Bryan's manager's read it and asked him if I was mad at him.

Head on over to Mckmamma's blog to see what she didn't do this past week.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Toby!

Today is my big brother's 35 birthday! I'm sure they will go out and do some insanely fun activity to celebrate! Happy Birthday Tobe!
Just a couple fun pictures of Toby (and Katie). Yes, that is a Christmas ornament dangling from his nose, he definitely knows how to get in the Christmas spirit.
They also know how to dress for Halloween. Yes, that is my brother in the fishnet stockings!

Laughter Lives Tuesday

Laughter LivesThis post is part of "Laughter Lives! Tuesday" on the Riggs Family Blog. Check our their blog to read everyone else's "Laughter Lives!" posts.

Ok so if you know Little Buddy you know how scrawny the little guy is, built just like his daddy. He has a difficult time keeping his pants above his non-existent behind. The other day he walked by me showing off his rather impressive "plummer's crack". I told him to pull his pants up I could see his butt. He turned around and very matter-of-factly said, "So why are you looking at my butt!"
That's what happens when 3 year old's spend too much time with thier 3 teen/preteen sisters!
On a separate note my step-brother Brad and his fiancee Bridget had their baby boys Sunday.
Brayson Scott
5lb. 13oz
Bransen Earl
5lb. 12 oz
They are in the NICU in K.C., doing well but needed a little extra care. If you are the praying kinda person please send a little prayer their way.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Boys...are just different

Yesterday, while Dude took all the girls to the K-state/Nebraska basketball game, Mom and I took the boys to the Children's Museum. It was a ton of fun but boys are just so different. When the girls were little and I took them there they played in the same area's but boy play is so different from girls. The girls would have been content to have their faces painted, play nicely in the water tables, or play in the dr. area. The boys had to crawl into every vehicle (not Little Buddy as he is afraid of those), get drenched at the water table, build in the block room, and play football and volleyball in the Nebraksa room (shhh don't tell Dude how much fun they had in there!) All the way home we heard the boys pretend play in the backseat. Little Buddy's new favorite game in playing Transformers, they make the noises, pretend to fight and shoot at each other. It is a different world riding in a car with only the boys. I'm sure Dude would have plenty to say about his ride with the girls (3 teenage and 1 preteen). I think I'm glad we had the boys instead!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Not me Monday!

I did not spend all of the morning in my pajamas at the computer today, while Bryan took the kids to school, ran medicine to The Boss at school, made me lunch and took the dog outside 4 times!
I definitely did not buy Christmas cards, order pictures of the kids, address the envelopes and even put stamps on them just to let them sit in the front room. Nope not me!
I most certainly didn't start my headboard project that I know my husband does not like this weekend. I also didn't end up making him do most of the work, I would never do that.
It wasn't me that let Little Buddy eat 2 poptarts for breakfast and a bag of carrots and Cheetos for lunch.

Hopefully this will be a start to "Not me Mondays" on my blog, if I can remember. This will be a great way to get off my chest the horrible things that I would never do, not even if I wanted to. Check out the other participants of "Not me Mondays" on Mckmommas blog-

Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 Resolutions

Courtney: Lose weight and become healthy
decorate our home

The Boss: Stay out of trouble

Miss Brainy: read for fun everyday

The Chatterbox: not to lose her nintendo ds again

Badger Boy: do good on his deer drive wii game

Little Buddy: to be potty trained

Bryan: Finish the house -he doesn't know that this is his, I haven't told him yet! :)