Sunday, January 18, 2009

Boys...are just different

Yesterday, while Dude took all the girls to the K-state/Nebraska basketball game, Mom and I took the boys to the Children's Museum. It was a ton of fun but boys are just so different. When the girls were little and I took them there they played in the same area's but boy play is so different from girls. The girls would have been content to have their faces painted, play nicely in the water tables, or play in the dr. area. The boys had to crawl into every vehicle (not Little Buddy as he is afraid of those), get drenched at the water table, build in the block room, and play football and volleyball in the Nebraksa room (shhh don't tell Dude how much fun they had in there!) All the way home we heard the boys pretend play in the backseat. Little Buddy's new favorite game in playing Transformers, they make the noises, pretend to fight and shoot at each other. It is a different world riding in a car with only the boys. I'm sure Dude would have plenty to say about his ride with the girls (3 teenage and 1 preteen). I think I'm glad we had the boys instead!

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