Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We are home

The Boss was dismissed on Saturday, but I am just now finding time to post this update. She is doing well, she has pretty much weened herself off of her pain medicine, and is up and moving around without any help. She even asked if she could possibly go to school on Friday for 1/2 day. This is the kid who never wants to go to school, I must be boring her!
Little Buddy is over what ever it was that he had, we go to the doctor on Thur., so I will be asking for a referral to a pediatric allergist so we can figure out what it is that caused his problems.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Update #4

Little Buddy is getting dismissed this morning. He was doing much better yesterday but they kept him in over night to monitor him since breathing problems can get worse at night.
The Boss could be dismissed as early as tomorrow, if she can get out of bed a little more often and can make it to the play room during one of her walks. They will be decreasing her pain meds and maybe removing the drainage tube today. I don't think she is in a big hurry to leave, once she is home she won't be able to lay around in bed watching t.v., eating, and playing on the laptop.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Update #3

The Boss is doing great, she is not having too much pain and has been able to rest all evening.
Little Buddy on the other hand is now in the hospital at home. He was having some difficulties breathing, and with his severe allergies we decided to have Bryan's mom take him into the emergency room. They did some bloodwork and a chest xray. They still don't know what is going on with him, it could possibly be pneumonia so they are keeping him in overnight for observation and to start antibiotics. Bryan is on his way down there now to stay with him and I will post updates as I find anything out.

Update #2

The Boss' surgery went well, the best case scenario. They were able to do the surgery the way they had planned. She has been sleeping all afternoon and evening, so she is not in too much
pain. She woke up from surgery and saw the candy bar bouquet her teacher, Mrs. Snurr, had sent her and asked for candy. Sorry but no candy for her for a couple days, although
I would bet that candy is gone by the time she gets home, just so she doesn't have to
share with her sisters and brother.


We arrived at the Children's Hospital yesterday afternoon. All things went well and they began the pre-op procedures. She had a pretty rough night, not getting much sleep, dealing with nausea and pain from the NG tube. She was in a much better mood Check Spellingthis morning before they took her to surgery. Last time she had surgery they gave her some vercet before surgery to relax her, she became very goofy and a little crazy. This time she became very relaxed and giggly with the medicine. She started pointing and laughing at Bryan, saying he had 2 eyes! Who knows what she was thinking, but it was quite hilarious.
I'll post more updates as we hear more on her surgery.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Big Handsome

We didn't get the second chance at a family reshoot before Jeff had to go back to Washington, but I did get to finally catch Budster. I have a couple of his sweet little grin, but most of them look like this......................
Man that kid is fast!