Thursday, May 20, 2010

We're getting there

Tile backsplash is almost complete...All the cabinets except the upper desk cabinets are in...countertop is in....beadboard is going up

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kitchen Makeover Take 2

We attempted to remodel the kitchen over a year ago and were never able to see it all the way through. So we (I use this word very loosely) have made a good attempt at finishing what we had started. Bryan took 6 days off hoping to get most of the new cabinets in, new countertops and backsplash, as well as recessed lights, trim, and beadboard on the lower cabinets. He made a huge dent in the to-do list but unfortunately I was unable to help him much. He gets to take credit for just about every project except the tile backsplash, which since there is no heavy lifting I am able to do. I need to make another run to Home Depot for tiles and trim and we need about 5 more days to work on it but the end is in sight! There is still a ton of work to do but here is an image that is the inspiration for the cabinets and the tiles we chose.

The backsplash is a mixture of these tiny 1" mosaic tiles, larger 4" tile, and the border, all are tumbled slate.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hello again!

The last posts were from the beginning of the school year and here we are with only one more week left of this school year. So much has happened, which I could use as an excuse for why I have been absent for over 6 months.

The school year went by rather quickly, although the kids might tell you different. The progress on the house has been quite slow, but that is all changing this week, as Bryan attempts to get the kitchen remodel finished. The studio has kept me very busy, as I moved into a larger space in December and still have work to do to get it the way I would like it. Bryan was promoted at work. Which has meant he no longer gets weekends off, although I think he enjoys that since I can't give him weekly honeydo lists for his weekends! The Chatterbox and Badger Boy both did winter swim team. The Chatterbox also participated in the Community Theatre's after school program and performed 'My Homework ate my Dog'. Little Buddy enjoyed his afternoons in preschool. Miss Brainy achieved an Academic Letter and a Letter in Speech, she also did one act play and concert band. The Boss turned 16 and will hopefully be able to get her drivers license soon. My back troubles had been kept at bay for over 8 months but roared its ugly head again just as I was starting to getting into an exercise routine again. I have been able to lose 28 pounds so far even though I haven't been able to get to the YMCA for over 3 weeks.