Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kitchen Makeover Take 2

We attempted to remodel the kitchen over a year ago and were never able to see it all the way through. So we (I use this word very loosely) have made a good attempt at finishing what we had started. Bryan took 6 days off hoping to get most of the new cabinets in, new countertops and backsplash, as well as recessed lights, trim, and beadboard on the lower cabinets. He made a huge dent in the to-do list but unfortunately I was unable to help him much. He gets to take credit for just about every project except the tile backsplash, which since there is no heavy lifting I am able to do. I need to make another run to Home Depot for tiles and trim and we need about 5 more days to work on it but the end is in sight! There is still a ton of work to do but here is an image that is the inspiration for the cabinets and the tiles we chose.

The backsplash is a mixture of these tiny 1" mosaic tiles, larger 4" tile, and the border, all are tumbled slate.

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