Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me Monday

I did not almost forget to post a "not me Monday" post. Well maybe I did "almost" forget but 8:48 p.m. is still Monday so it counts!!
I did not allow my 14 year old daughter to "dorkstamp" my 3 year old son. I also did not tell him that it said his name so that I could get these shots of him!

See that purple stuff on his nose and neck? I did not allow him to color on himself because it is washable marker, only to find out he was using his sisters markers that weren't washable. Only took 2 baths before it faded away.

I would never call my daughter Owen, when she comes home from a youth group lock-in at church, complaining that she may have broken her nose. She only slightly resembled Owen Wilson and you would never hear me tell her that his slightly deformed nose only adds character!

I definitely did not almost get up and walk out of Village Ick (oops I mean Inn) when the waiter brought me not 1 but 2 glasses of water that looked like he grabbed them from bussboys dirty dishes tray. The only thing that kept me there was my dear husband who refused to let us leave, good thing he has manners!

I did not buy a pumpkin cheesecake roll yesterday and then eat almost all of it in one day. I did not leave a small sliver for Bryan just so he couldn't claim I had eaten it all!

I did not go to Walmart to buy a tube of adhesive for Bryan because he was still in his pajamas at 3 in the afternoon and then buy the wrong thing. It couldn't have been because the item was in the wrong bin, in the area that my husband manages. My dear darling husband did not get mad at me for buying the wrong thing. I did not post on my Facebook "Courtney thinks her husband should go shopping himself if he is going to complain when I buy the "wrong" thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I did not find it extremely funny that one of Bryan's manager's read it and asked him if I was mad at him.

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