Monday, January 12, 2009

Not me Monday!

I did not spend all of the morning in my pajamas at the computer today, while Bryan took the kids to school, ran medicine to The Boss at school, made me lunch and took the dog outside 4 times!
I definitely did not buy Christmas cards, order pictures of the kids, address the envelopes and even put stamps on them just to let them sit in the front room. Nope not me!
I most certainly didn't start my headboard project that I know my husband does not like this weekend. I also didn't end up making him do most of the work, I would never do that.
It wasn't me that let Little Buddy eat 2 poptarts for breakfast and a bag of carrots and Cheetos for lunch.

Hopefully this will be a start to "Not me Mondays" on my blog, if I can remember. This will be a great way to get off my chest the horrible things that I would never do, not even if I wanted to. Check out the other participants of "Not me Mondays" on Mckmommas blog-

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Wayne said...

great not me monday I thought it was funny that you stayedin your pj's all day while your hubby did all the leg work