Friday, June 12, 2009


Our trip had been planned around this game, as anyone who knows Bryan knows just how much of a die-hard Cubs fan he is. We arrived 2 hours early, waited for the gates to open and got to our seats in anticipation of watching batting practice. We were disappointed to see the tarp over the field, but it wasn't raining at the time so we were hopeful the game would go as planned.

The grounds keepers pulled the tarp off just as the stands were starting to fill.

Marshall pitched and I was able to get an action series in before my camera had to be put away, because it started to rain a little harder.
I did get a few images from early in the game. I have to say the view of first base wasn't so bad!

There are no more images after this, the rain really started to come down and then when it started to lightning they called the game. No 7th inning stretch was sang, no peanuts or cracker jacks were eaten, but it was a great time and I am happy to have spent it with my favorite cubs fan! He has already started talking about our next trip and taking the boys to see a game!

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