Tuesday, June 30, 2009

10 on Tuesday

On another blog that I follow she posts 10 images on Tuesday and thought it sounded like a great idea! Yesterday Little Buddy (who does not like to jump) and Mouse (who loves to jump wildly) were on the trampoline together. The following images are a showcase of the difference in jumping styles!
They started off holding hands.
Mouse really wants to bounce highbut Little Buddy is holding her back!

Little Buddy would rather sit in the middle while Mouse runs around him bouncing.
Look at the fear in his eyes! Last year he wasn't even willing to get on the trampoline let alone jump, we are definetely making progess!
Mouse the Wild Child scares me everytime she gets to going, she runs/bounces around on the very edge of the trampoline. I have to give her credit though she hasn't fallen off yet, that I know of!!

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