Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's day fun

We spent yesterday evening at Bry's parents for a little father's Day BBQ and fireworks afterwards. Bryan's dad makes the best ribs, I think he actually enjoys cooking them, so lucky for us we get to enjoy them quite a few times through the summer!
John and Teresa always have an awesome spread of delicious food!
Okay, the story behind the images on Little Buddy chugging Mt. Dew. The older kids are only allowed 1 soda a day if they ask politely, which has been dubbed "The soda of the day". Sawyer was very crabby from an afternoon of swimming and no nap afterwards so he was getting a little demanding and whiny, asking for cup after cup of chocolate milk. I told him he couldn't have any more milk until supper, so he thought a little while and asked if he could have "a soda of his life"!! So here he is enjoying the soda of his life!

The soda did seem to put a little more pep in him though!
I captured a few shots of AlleyCat and her Poppa and thought this one was awfully cute!
After supper we were able to head to Chautauqua Park for the Homestead Days fireworks, which had been cancelled the night before due to rain. The kids had fun running around catching lightning bugs and making clover/dandelion necklaces.

Just a few images of Sawyer being extra sweet!

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