Friday, June 12, 2009

There's something about this girl

Little Miss AlleyCat doesn't even realize that in about a month something is going to rock her world. AlleyCat is going to be a big sister!!
When I pulled up to drop Little Buddy off at Grandma's the first thing I noticed was AlleyCat's hair. She looked so grown up, sitting on the big tricycle, wearing her sister's jacket, sporting these big ol' piggytails
It is funny to campare BeanPoles to Alleycat. When BeanPoles was her age she was so quiet, would sit perfectly still when you took her to the store, and laughed and giggled at everything.
Miss AlleyCat doesn't know how to sit still, she is into everything, and she thinks she is as big as everyone else and wants to do whatever they are. She has always had this look, a cross between inquisitive and scowling. I can't wait until she starts to talk just to know what it is that she is thinking. She has me wrapped around her little finger though, whenever she calls me Coyie or waves and tells me tata, she is sucking me in just a little bit more!
There is just something about this girl that keeps you laughing. In the short 30 or so minutes I was at my in-laws yesterday Miss AlleyCat managed to dump a bowl of beads, throw 2 cars across the table at me, pop no less than 5 beads in her mouth, dump and pick up a box of stickers, stand up in a chair and nearly fall off the table, and open the front door and try to go outside by herself all the while flashing that ornery AlleyCat smile. She sure keeps Grandma on her toes!!

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