Monday, June 8, 2009

With shaky hands and tears in my eyes

Badger Boy has been playing ball all this month, while he is at his dad's house. It has been fun watching him play. He really seems to be enjoying himself, but up until this past Saturday he had only hit a few foul balls. I decided I better get my camera out and actually take some shots this time around, he was the last player in the line up and this would be his only at bat this game.
He has already been hit a couple times this year by pitches, being a lefty, so it makes me nervous watching him get up to bat.
The sun was sure shining down on him....
and with shaky hands and tears in my eyes I was able to capture his first hit...
a double!!

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Anonymous said...

Okay. The proud Aunt in me loves these photos! I nearly cried with happiness for him! The proud coach in me wants me to ask you to have Bridger look at his front foot and see where he stepped. Remind him...step right back at the pitcher and we will see alot more hits!
Aunt/Coach Teri