Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Windy City Birthday

Our first thing on the agenda for Chicago Day 4 was the Field Museum, which as I said before was cool sure, but not worth the hype. Bryan was starting to feel sick and I was getting worn out so walking around this huge place was probably not the best choice for us, but we had bought the tickets so we decided to go anyways.
After the museum, we headed back to the hotel for a much needed nap! Bryan was sucked into a Cubs game on t.v. and ended up not sleeping but I sure enjoyed my 2 1/2 hour siesta. That doesn't happen very often around our house!
We decided to head off to the Navy Pier for the evening, but didn't take into account the cold lake breeze, and poor Bryan only packed shorts for the trip! We wondered around taking pictures and picking up a few gifts for the kids. Luckily one of the shops had blankets on sale so I picked one up to keep us warm later on the boat.
I chose Bubba Gump's for my Birthday meal, which in my opinion was the perfect choice. Bryan and I shared the shrimp (what else do you expect) and my birthday sundae. I kicked Bryan's butt when the waiter gave us a Forrest Gump quiz!!!
I thought a sunset/firework lake cruise would be a great end to the evening, but I might have been mistaken. We did enjoy it, but dang was it cold and windy! The fog rolled in and blocked most of the fireworks and skyline, but it made for some interesting images.

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Anita said...

great skyline pix...what are you? A pro :)