Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bombs bursting in air!

It was lucky for me that the Homestead Days Fireworks were cancelled on Saturday, I was photographing a wedding and would have missed out on going with the family. I thought it was better to have it on Sunday anyways, it made for a great ending to all of the father's day fun.
I do love photographing fireworks, although it sure is hard to hold still for such long exposures, some day I'll remember to bring my tripod! Bryan asked why I always take pictures instead of enjoying the show, but he doesn't realize the enjoyment I get from the relaxing aspects of photography. When there isn't a two year old to chase or the harried rush of photographing a wedding, I get the chance to sit in my chair and enjoy the no stress aspect of my favorite activities. It is a thrill to me when I capture more than one burst or a really cool shot. Miss AlleyCat was too cute, calling the fireworks stars and clapping!

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kelliebean said...

Woah! Awesome fireworks pics there!