Monday, June 8, 2009

Chi-town Day 1

Here's the view from our hotel room!!
I made the "mistake" of calling our hotel a few days before our trip to confirm the reservations, ask about the breakfast and request a room with a view. Well somewhere along the way, probably after the 3 or 4 person including the manager became very rude, I became very annoyed with the customer service of this hotel (Hotel Felix) and cancelled our reservation. I quickly called a friend who has been to Chicago quite a few times asking about recommendations for hotels, thanks Mike and Kari!! Our new hotel The Chicago Hyatt Regency was wonderful. I loved the view even if I spent most of the trip worrying Bryan would trip and break the window, falling the 23 stories to his death!! If you know Bryan you know this could possibly happen!
Here is the other view!!
The Navy Pier, Lake Michigan, and the Chicago River
Here we have Bryan pointing out some of the things we would be doing-
Double Decker bus tour

and a boat ride, although we stayed out on Lake Michigan

Here is the Chicago Theater in the theater district, where The Chatterbox will be seen performing in a few years!!
The gorgeous sunset that greeted us that first evening!
I don't know how many ways I can tell you about our great hotel, the beds were oh so comfy, the view was gorgeous, the breakfast was filling and when we got back from our first outing they had brought in a bucket of ice cold root beer and Garret popcorn. This Nebraska girl thought this was worthy of 5 stars for sure!!
Everyone was so nice, the homeless offer to give you directions and even the light poles were beckoning us to stay!!
Here's Bryan reading up on the next days plans.
We were even presented with fireworks out the hotel windows!!

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