Friday, June 26, 2009

That art of s'mores

This is what a s'mores should look like right? Nice slightly browned marshmallow and melting hershey's chocolate sandwiched between two graham crackers!
This is how we do it! Bryan loves to grill, even if it is just hotdogs and it takes him an hour to ready the grill and cook them! The kids love s'mores so they too love it when Bryan grills.
Each one of my children has a different technique when it comes to making these. None of which are allowed to make mine, but Bryan has mastered that skill.
The Chatterbox likes hers flambéed, a little too much black for me!
Little Buddy eats his raw, or 'on a stick' as he requests.
Miss Brainy takes way too much thought and time to really enjoy the simplicities of s'mores.
Miss Brainy had a couple of friends over, they are my favorites. 'A' here and his cousin 'K' helped dig holes and put in the fence posts for the new picket fence. They are allowed to eat their s'mores however they like so long as they come over and help me around the house!!

This kid here should really warn everyone around him and don a fireproof suit before he attempts to make his s'mores. He immediately places his marshmallow as close to the coals as possible allowing it to catch on fire, then he waves it wildly through the air, finally bringing the flaming object way too close to his face than his mother would like to blow it out!! My son the pyromaniac!!

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