Saturday, March 19, 2011

Six Years of Wedded Bliss

Today Dude and I celebrate our 6 year anniversary. He is the man of my dreams...the one who makes me laugh and holds me when I cry. The one who I can spend hours with and it feels like only minutes have passed. He is the one that I know I can trust and that he will never hurt me. Until we met 8 years ago I feared I would never experience the feeling of true love. Thank you Bryan for being what a I needed and showing me what a real relationship is based upon... Trust, Honesty, Friendship, and Love.

Here I am with the then man of the house, the sweet little boy who walked me down the aisle and gave his mom away to be married.

Love you Badger Boy! How many men do you know of that would open their heart to a single mom with four kids?

I know just how lucky I am to have him in our lives.
He is the type of father that plays soccer and catch out in the yard, goes to all the kids activities, helps with homework, disciplines and loves at the same time, and above all he does this without complaint or the feeling of resentment. He is what a Father and Husband is suppose to be.

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