Saturday, March 12, 2011

Heart Attack on a Plate

My husband has the metabolism (and energy) of a humming bird. It seems he can eat anything and never gain a pound. It is not unusual for him to eat 3 or 4 hamburgers and a couple hotdogs everytime we grill out. He also had a french toast eating contest with The Boss a couple years ago, eating over 2 loaves of bread between the two of them. Only stopping when we ran out of bread.

It is scary sometimes what he decides to be a good idea after watching the food network. He once watched an episode on competitive eating and was convinced he could enter one of those contests. So he started stretching his stomach by eating tons of salad. Fortunately that phase ended pretty quickly.

This week he watched an episode on a restaraunt that offers a 5lb cheeseburger and 5 lbs of fries, with the person who is able to eat it all getting the meal for free and having it named after them. He decided that he would try to make one of these hamburgers at home, on the stove of all places, greeeeaaasy!!! Luckily after all the kids had eaten there was only enough meat for 4 patties.

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