Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Anniversary to us

Bryan and I will celebrate our wedding anniversary this weekend, but our gift to each other couldn't wait any longer. Our old and overused washing machine bit the dust! We were without a washer for 4 days, FOUR DAYS!! Do you know how much dirty clothing a family of 8 produces in 4 DAYS!!?? It was getting a little crazy around here, kids running around with holey jeans, yelling that they were down to their last pair of clean underwear, I was almost ready to head to the laundry mat! Many years ago I did our family of 6's laundry at a laundry mat every week for a full year, and that is not a chore I would ever like to repeat!!
So we headed off in search for a some what matching washer to the dryer that croaked on us last summer.
Here she is!! What a woman, she was able to get caught up on all the laundry in just 2 days!!

My wonderful husband also decided I needed some roses!

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Marvi Marti said...

Stopping in from Meet Up Monday!

Now experiencing washing machine envy, that is sweet!

Oh and the roses, gorgeous! Lavender ones are my favorites!