Friday, March 25, 2011

Finally finished with the Fireplace

I am so happy to be done with this project. It has taken almost 3 years from start to finish. I am waiting for a day with a little more available light to get some good shots, but here she is. Still a little naked until I can find the right accessories to dress her up, but she is beautiful.
Can you see the hutch on the left of the first image and peeking out on the right of the second image? That's right I painted that with a gorgeous robin's egg blue color. I still need to distress and add the glaze but she is already stunning.
My current project is scrapping the popcorn texture from the ceiling in the entryway. I will then give it a new skim coat of plaster and a coat of white paint. It really is a simple process but oh so messy. After that we can install the yet to be purchased light fixture. We still have not come to an agreement on which style we will be getting.
My dear hubby has been nursing an injured arm all week so he hasn't been able to help out on any projects. At first we thought he strained it while cutting out all the shrubs and the tree on Sunday. As the week progressed it became more swollen and he is not able to make a fist or grasp objects with it. I have tried to get him to go to the dr. but he keeps holding out. We'll see how the weekend goes, but if he can play the Xbox I'm almost certain it isn't broken!

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