Saturday, February 5, 2011

What's your thing?

Yesterday while looking around at a few of my favorite antique stores I noticed the different items other shoppers were drawn towards. Yes I've noticed a wide variety of items and always wondered who it was that would be interested in old soda bottles, small little pieces of jewelry, full sets of china, or old records. These items hold absolutely no interest for me, but to someone I assume they love them. So while I did my shopping I tried to notice what it is that catches my attention and the items I have a hard time walking away from.
I don't know what it is about tiny little baby shoes but they almost always come home with me. I have plans for them, but haven't grown my collection quite big enough yet. I remember trying to get my mom to buy these shoes for my dolls at flea markets when I was a kid.

My obsession for kids chairs started when I first opened my photography studio. I love having a bunch of options when it comes to photographing children and nothing holds their attention more than giving them a fun kid size chair to climb on. I really have no need for extra chairs at the studio but I have a horrible time walking away from a sturdy little kids chair.

I am still on the look out for an antique trencher bowl but haven't found one yet. I have seen reproduction pieces but they all seem on the small size and are a little more than I want to spend on a reproduction. My brother in law brought a wood bowl home with him when he visited his family in Namibia and I wish I would have asked him to bring me one too.

I love architectural pieces...doors, corbels, posts, old wood trim, doorknobs, you name it.
I actually picked up 3 big corbels yesterday for $28.

I have way too many of these mason jars, but something about the color and those zinc lids scream out to me and I almost always bring at least one jar home from each trip.

I love old baskets. I rarely buy them but I love to admire the handy work that went in to each piece. I took a class on basket weaving as a kid and got pretty good at making pine needle baskets in high school. If I could find the long pine needles around here I would love to give making baskets another try.

So what's your thing?

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