Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Retail Therapy

Most women head to the mall or some boutique when they need a little retail therapy, but not me, I hit the antique stores and thrift stores. I had a great little shopping trip and I only went to two places. The first items aren't really from my shopping excursion I actually picked them up off the curb. They are currently getting a nice coat of black spray paint.

These are also getting a new coat of paint. I scored these for $4 at the local Salvation Army.

Matching serving plates for $.25 a piece. They need a little cleaning but will look great in my china hutch.

I picked up the cute little galvanized drawer for $6, the hymnals for $1 each, and a folding ruler for $3. Also not shown was 10 wooden pant hangers for $.25 each.

This great little hymnal held a few surprises for me. All the writing is in German, but the lyrics to the hymns are in English. The binding (which is falling off) is made of old classified ads. The listings are for cars made in the 60's.

The last two items are my favorite finds. I was able to get this wooden drawer for $10.

I believe this is a foot pedal for an antique treadle sewing machine. This $7 treasure has taken up residence in my fireplace.

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