Thursday, February 24, 2011

Grand Central Station

One of my additions to the kitchen was a Memo/Chalkboard. Luckily my handy dandy husband was able to build me exactly what I wanted. I finished it off with trim and the same paint/glaze treatment that is on all the new cabinets . The chalkboard is a real piece of slate that I believe my mom got from an old school. This has become one of the best organizational items in our house, since we actually use it. We use the cork board to hold school papers and the kids chore list. The chalkboard is where I leave the kids notes or lists of chores that need to be done. The kids use it to draw on, it is always covered with doodles or teen graffiti.

Now that there are 4 teenagers (well one is preteen) in the house it has become apparent that I can harness all that teen energy. Each child (except 5 yr. old Little Buddy) now has a day to do their laundry. We will be starting this next week so hopefully it works as well as I hope.

The main chores are highlighted.



Green-Dog Duty

The other chores include wiping off the table and sweeping for the two younger ones. The older 3 have cleaning the bathrooms and sweeping other areas on their list.

Badger Boy also has trash duty. The list also includes items that everyone will be expected to help with.
I'll leave you with Little Buddy's 100 day of school artwork.
When I am 100 years old...I will have a job.

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