Thursday, February 24, 2011

Homemade Chicken and Noodles

With this last snow storm came the need for a little warm comfort food. Chicken and Noodles to me is the ultimate comfort food, maybe that is because everyone in my family loves it and because my mom use to make it.
This is one of the only recipes that I can make from scratch, no recipe needed.

chicken thighs

onion (I use dehydrated)

grated carrots


garlic powder

pepper to taste
bouillon cubes

Boil chicken in stock, remove from bone, and continue to simmer while you prepare the noodles.






I was never taught how to make these noodles but learned from watching my mom. I have no recipe (sorry) but I have found that it is pretty much foolproof.

I normally mix everything directly on my counter. Making a well in the flour (I start out with 2-4 cups depending on how big a batch I'm making), add 2-3 eggs. Add water (slowly) until you have a nice lump of dough.

Since I make it on my counter it is already covered in flour, but if you use a bowl, flour your counter/cutting board.

Roll your dough out. I like mine pretty thin since they will puff up while cooking. The first couple times I made this I ended up with Dumplings because I made my noodles too thick/large.

I cut my noodles directly on my counter using a rocking motion. It doesn't take much pressure so I don't worry about cutting or scratching the counter tops. I then leave the noodles to dry a little, usually about 15 minutes, this makes them easier to handle.

Drop your noodles into your boiling broth.

Around here we eat them on top of home made mashed potatoes and sweet corn.

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