Saturday, July 23, 2011

Girls Room

The girl's room will be done in Navy and Raspberry. This will work great since The Boss asked for blue and Chatterbox loves loves loves pink. I will be trying to make it more of a teen room, staying away from anything too babyish. I will be painting their bed frames navy blue, their side table raspberry and their dresser may get a fun treatment if all turns out the way I hope.I will be keeping the furniture and accessories to the minimum since these two have MAJOR problems with keeping it picked up. I will be adding storage under their beds and they will have a ton (for a victorian) of closet space.

The progress in these rooms would be much quicker if the previous owners would have fixed things correctly instead of putting a patch over things just to sell the house. When we moved in we did not know that the girl's room (what will be our room) would leak, but as we have started fixing this room we now know that they knew this. Not only did they not disclose this at the time of the sale, they also tried to cover it up. The chimney runs up the wall in this bedroom and we found out about 6 months after we moved in that the flashing on the roof around the chimney was loose and the rain would run down the chimney and rotted out the ceiling and drywall. We have since removed the chimney at the roof level, cover the hole, and roofed over it so that it would no longer leak. Their fix was to add another layer of drywall over this rotted area and call it good. Seriously who does this?!! We live in a small town were our children go to school together and my daughter and their children are all in children's theater. As much as I would like to call them out on it, 6 years has gone by and I should probably just let it go.

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