Friday, July 15, 2011

Bedroom Makeover

Let me show the pretty first...

My girls are off on vacation with their aunts and uncles so I am diving into another makeover project. This one involves moving our room into their previous little girls room. We have pulled up carpet, replaced some of the floor boards, and started to remove wallpaper. Today I will tackle sanding the floors and painting them, they will get a coat of white paint with cream stripes. Next up is adding trim, replacing drywall, painting, painting, and more painting.

Future layout of what will be the "master" bedroom.
Here is their room before:

They had royal blue carpet and lovely wallpaper (that was horribly done). We had already moved their closet door over and split the closet that is in the other bedroom. Previous owners left a closet door, that lead into a very small crawl space, with no closet to speak of.

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