Monday, July 4, 2011

Antique Booth

The antique booth has been going great! Lots of items in and lots of items out. I have spent quite a few days at auctions and garage sales making some great finds and a few days spent painting up some new pieces. I have decided on a name for this "business", Past Present. I love the idea of bringing the items of the past back to life and I really love presents!

Here's a cute little side table I picked up at a garage sale and gave a fresh coat of white paint. I just took it in today.
I now have two booths. One is the things that I love and would keep in my house if I had the room. It is mostly shabby chic with a few primitives thrown in.

I have most of my porcelain and milk glass in this booth. I also like to pick up pieces of silver and anything white to go in this booth.The other is everything else. I do love a few of these pieces but for the most part these are items that I don't care to hold on to.

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