Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Projects

We are really moving along on the projects that we have started. The headboard that I built has been painted and distressed, now I need to do the dressers and sidetables. Bryan is still not loving the idea of having something old next to his head while he sleeps, but I keep telling him to get use to it I'm not getting any younger either!
Miss Brainy's room is almost complete. There a few small details left to be done, installing the closet rod and shelf, mini-blinds and curtains, hanging bullentin boards and posters, but for the most part it looks like a well lived in teenagers room. You can see right behind the desk that the headboard is already painted in these pictures. I went with a very bright turquoise and I love how they turned out. I will have more pictures to share when everything is done.
The dresser and desk were purchased at the Pink Elephant, for only $50 and they delivered. While the headboard and sidetable were purchased at Hustons, which is not my favorite place to shop, but I did get a good deal on the two pieces.

Bryan has finished tiling the fireplace and I did the grout. The mantle and trim still need to be painted which hopefully I can finish this week.
Miss Brainy and two of her friends came over last month, they helped dig the holes and set the fence posts.

I then gave the girls karate lessons! "Paint the fence, Up Right Hand, Down Left Hand, Up Right Hand, Down Left Hand" Next up waxing the van and trimming the hedges to look like bonsai trees.

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Timi said...

I love it all! I'm in need of a child labor camp......oops I mean Karate lesson around this place too.
Not having kids is where I totally went wrong in the "getting some stuff done around here" department.

You are really knocking out projects. I wish I could do the same kind of post on my blog.