Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Birthday to The Chatterbox

Yesterday was The Chatterbox's 11th birthday and because she is such a great kid she agreed to go to Chuck E. Cheese so that we could bring along her brothers and cousins.
This picture is of them all chowing down on their pizza, while listening to the amazing music, which included chart topping songs about sunscreen and bike safety. WooHoo!!
He's a funny one of Mouse and Little Buddy. They did not enjoy the rides that moved, rides that did not give tickets, or the squirt gun game (which they thought would squirt them in the face)!
Here we have Badger Boy playing the never-ending game of Skeetball. One of the games was broken so that it allowed you to play without putting in a token. The only problem was that it did not keep score. Badger Boy did not catch on to this and stood there playing the same game for 20 minutes, very cheap entertainment!!
Here's a great shot of all of them with their fantastic prizes!

Disclaimer: Do not worry you are not having technical difficulties!! The above images are the pictures that I would have taken if I would have remembered to put a memory card in the camera! Oh well live and learn!

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