Sunday, July 12, 2009

Beginning the bedroom makeover

Miss Brainy is away on a mission trip and the other kids (minus Little Buddy) are on vacation with their grandparents so I am taking advantage of the empty bedrooms. I am moving The Boss in with The Chatterbox and Miss Brainy will be getting a room of her own. Bryan and I will be putting in a closet, because of course this 100 year old house only has 1 closet upstairs and with 3 teenage (almost) girls we need all the closet space we can get. I will be painting the walls, the new (to us) headboard, side table and dresser. We will also be putting in trim and installing miniblinds. This will be after I scrub the walls and shampoo the carpet. I am getting tired just typing out this list, I don't know how we will get it all done in 1 week!
My favorite part of this project has so far been the planning stage, I am totally loving being able to search design websites and blogs for inspiration. So far my favorite has to be PBTeen, so many great ideas in one place.
I'm not sure why I enjoy the above image so much, it is not the color scheme we will be doing nor does it have any ideas that I will be implementing. It is a room that The Chatterbox would love though!
I may attempt to build my own shelf (with the polka dot containers), love the bulletin board on the side and the trim detail. I also want to find the desk lamp pictured above.

I am debating hanging a bunch of frames on the wall much like the grouping above, hopefully it will deter Miss Brainy from hanging all of her k-state posters on every available inch of wall space!
This is much like the color scheme we will be using only I will be painting one accent wall chocolate brown. I love how calming it looks
I would love to find a side table and headboard like these, love love love them!!

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