Tuesday, July 14, 2009

10 on Tuesday 4th of July edition

This will be my last 4th of July post so I figured I'd squeeze in as many shots as possible. I've mentioned before that my father-in-law loves to grill and we love his ribs and bacon-wrapped- shrimp, and chicken breasts, and jalapeno poppers and well you get the idea!

Here's the littlest kids watching the little bit older kids blow up firecrackers and write on the sidewalk with smokebombs. Which they found out was not a great idea (my father-in-law didn't think so either) when The Chatterbox picked up a still hot smokebomb and burnt her finger.

All in all it was mostly a quiet accident free 4th for us. Badger Boy fell of his bike and scraped up his arm and knee and The Chatterbox's had her unfortunate run in with the hot smokebomb, but those didn't compare to last years trip to the emergency room when Miss Brainy re-broke her ankle at her dad's house.
Really remind me again why I love this guy so much!! Everytime I try to get a decent shot of him this is what he does!!
These two are too cute!!This year the firework display was courtesy of the teenagers. It was nice to have about 5-6 kids old enough to light of the big ones. Bertus and Bryan would get them all set up with the artillery shells and they would light (or attempt) to light them at the same time.

The clean-up crew!

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