Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spring Game

We took all the kids plus one (Rissa) to the K-state spring game last weekend with Grandma, Grandpa, Carin, Bean Pole, and AlleyCat. The weather was perfect and there was a ton of activities for the kids to do.
Little Buddy enjoyed playing with his cars during the game!
AlleyCat took a little snooze
Bean Pole focusing on the game, focus Bean Pole focus!!
After the game all the kids went down on the field for autographs. Badger Boy asked one of the players ( #92 Brandon Balkcom) where some of the other fans got the footballs they had. He told Badger Boy he didn't know but he said Badger Boy could have his glove, so he unwrapped all the tape and handed his glove to him. Later Grandpa took Badger back to have him sign it. Badger Boy has worn that thing everyday since, so much so that the signature has worn off. As I was downloading these images I noticed that #92 is in this image so I thought I post it and say thanks Brandon, you made an 8 year old very happy!!
Badger Boy being a goof

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