Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Miss Brainy is broken!

We finally know what is causing Miss Brainy so much pain. We had an appointment with the orthopaedic doctor yesterday and he immediately saw 2 breaks in the bones on the the top of her foot (these looked obvious to even me!) and also saw a break in her ankle. She is now styling a new bright purple cast that she will wear for 4 weeks and then they will repeat the xray. We had to go pick up the necessity for any kid with a cast..... a silver sharpie so all her friends at school can sign it. I'll try to get some images of her hobbling around on her crutches soon.
The Chatterbox has her school track meet today. I am hoping she does well, but she stubbed her big toe yesterday and has it all wrapped up so I don't know that she will be at her best.
I have seriously thought about investing in large plastic bubbles for these kids, or even bubble wrap.

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