Saturday, April 26, 2008

More from the spring game

One of the great things about the spring game is Willie's Funzone. They have a bunch of activities set up in the indoor practice field for the kids to do. Some of the activities are obstacle courses, photo ops, dress-up with the cheerleaders, and autographs with some of the men's basketball players. The girls ran off with my little camera while we were there and these are some of the images that I saw as I was uploading to the computer.
Luis Colon
I'm pretty sure this is Dominique Sutton
Jacob Pullen
Jamar Samuels
Darin Kent, one of my favorites (I'm a total sucker for tall skinny guys! :} )
Denis Clemente
The Boss was so excited that they put their arm around her! She is such a teenage girl!

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