Monday, January 31, 2011

Ottoman makeover and a reason to organize my hard drives

I did a quick recover and paint makeover on this $5 thrift store ottoman over the weekend. The paint is leftover oops paint with a dark walnut stain rubbed over the top and the fabric is canvas drop cloth, 3 yards of trim from Joann's (1/2 off) and a small box of decorative brads. Total price is probably less than $10 including the original price of the ottoman.

I know I have a before picture to show off the ugly yellow and orange plaid fabric and orange finish, but after spending over 2 hours searching I have come up empty handed. I do have a new project to do...clean up and organize my 3 external hard drives!

1 comment:

LuvMyGarden said...

Love the ottoman - and you aren't the only one needing to organize your electronic files :)