Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Back in the Saddle

I was finally able to get out and take some pictures, since it had been over a month I felt a little rusty. Bryan, Little Buddy and I went to Lincoln to get a few items for Bryan and my upcoming "honeymoon" trip and I needed to scope out a new location for an upcoming shoot. Little Buddy actually wanted to pose for a few so I took advantage of that offer!!
The flowers were also looking very tempting so I got a few shots of them as well!

I have seriously been a horrible slacking MWAC (mom with a camera), I missed The Chatterbox's zoo field trip & class party, Miss Brainy's 14 birthday came and went without 1 single image being shot, The Boss actually wanted me to take her out for a session and I couldn't find the creativity and energy to get out the camera. I am hoping that once I start to feel back to normal I can really dust off the camera and actually get some shots of my own kids.

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