Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Zoo

We spent a couple days in Omaha last week, went to an Iowa Cubs/Omaha Royals baseball game and the zoo. If you ask Bryan he will tell you that it was for my birthday, but if the truth be told it was really his early Father's Day present. I mean do I look like someone who would ask to go to a ballgame for my birthday?? Geeesh! We had nice weather for the ballgame, a little chilly, cloudy, and windy, but I would prefer that to 90 degree, sweat dripping down your back, sun burnin weather. The zoo trip had a little more clouds, a little more wind, and a few sprinkles but the nice weather sure made the animals in a good mood. It was as if they were posing for the camera. I could have stayed in the big cat house all day if the kids would have let me.

Here's a shot of my little monkey's!
I have a ton of images to share so I will post again soon.

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