Thursday, May 29, 2008

More of the zoo

Finally a shot of Miss Brainy on her crutches, less than a week left and we will find out if she gets the cast off. While we were at the zoo I overheard a funny conversation from 2 women behind us.
Lady #1 "When I was on crutches I could barely navigate my own house, let alone the zoo!" Lady #2 "If that was my child she would be in a wheelchair!"
I just turned around and gave them my fakest cheesy grin, just to let them know I COULD hear them. But what I wanted to say was something more like this "Yes if your child is the 5 year old in the stroller that looks like he weighs 90 pounds you probably would have him in a wheelchair. Don't YOU think HE can walk? " What they didn't know was that we offered her a wheelchair, but she didn't want to use one, and she didn't complain the whole time!

The eyelashes on this little beauty puts my kid's lashes to shame!

Look at the monkeys in the window!

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