Thursday, June 2, 2011

Vacation Day 2

We spent the night in Green River Utah and headed out the next morning for Bryce Canyon. As I was just getting onto the interstate I noticed my wedding ring was missing. I knew I had put it in my camera bag and when we looked down at the bag the zipper was wide open. To say I freaked out is putting it mildly. I whipped a U-ey on the interstate and headed back to the hotel. Bry and I spent about 30 minutes searching the hotel and parking lot, but we didn't find it. I felt horrible and thought the day was ruined, but after about 30 more minutes driving Bryan notices the ring on my keychain!! I'm not sure how it got there, as neither Bryan or I remembers putting it there. I asked Bryan if he was testing me to see if I really loved him by how I reacted if I thought I lost it. He said he wasn't but that I passed.

As we drove on I noticed a strange noise coming from the back whenever I turned a sharp corner. We decided it must be the brakes and worried about traveling up into the mountains. But just as sudden as the noise started it stopped.

We decided to take scenic Hwy 12 to Bryce Canyon, which resulted in Teresa and my anxiety levels to reach dangerous levels. No one warned us that we would be driving across the peak of a mountain with no gaurd rails and only enough room for two cars.

Bertus and Carin left for San Diego after Bryce Canyon, and the rest of us traveled on to Kanab for night.

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Tracy said...

Holy cow - those first two pictures completely took my breath away!! (The other ones are cool too, but the first two? wow.)