Thursday, April 21, 2011

You said what?

"Hey Mom I'm getting high!"

Little Buddy yells to me from the other room as he is climbing the ladder I left out from painting.

Badger Boy to D-"You used to play basketball?"

"Did you play for the NFL?"

Guess we need to brush up on our sports knowledge.

Me: "Wash your ears"

LB: "I can't!!" sounding a little worried

Me: "Why not?"

LB: "I don't know if I should use soap or shampoo!"

We gave the washing machine box to the kids to play in.

While they were playing spaceship in it I hear one of them fart very loudly.

Then I hear laughter and LB says: "You know astronauts fart too"

Me: "It's almost 8 get ready for bed."

LB: "Is that am or pm"

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