Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Lighting Display that caused our neighbors to call 911

Let me start out by saying we do have some decent neighbors, the ones who called 911 are not them! Bryan and I have been known to pull practical jokes on each other and the kids, it is all in good fun and most people are able to appreciate that. We hung our "lights" and about 3 hours later I see someone on our front porch. When I go out to investigate I find it is a police officer!! See our wonderful (yet very nosey) neighbors called 911. They did not walk over and check to see if the "person" was ok they instead stood at the end of their driveway on their cellphone until the police showed up. The ambulance and firetruck were fortunately called off by the police officer, who did not find the humor in our light display.
Now seriously if you saw what you thought was your neighbor dangling upside down by one string of lights don't you think you might walk up to them to see if they needed help!!

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