Sunday, March 15, 2009

The shirt says it all

I have mentioned before that my youngest, Little Buddy, is allergic to peanuts. He had is first allergic reaction, which was very severe, the first time he ate a peanut butter sandwich. After that visit to the emergency room we took him to a allergist where they tested him, finding out that he was indeed allergic to peanuts and to cats. We currently carry an EpiPen Jr. and Benadryl for him, as well as have them available at Bryan's parents and at preschool. So far he has only once came in contact with something that resulted in a minor reaction, hives and minor rash, which was cleared up with a dose of Benadryl. We have been very lucky, but we are also very diligent in watching what he eats. We carry snacks for him in his bag so that he always has a substitute if he is offered a snack that we know he can't have or is questionable. The other kids even know to check before giving him anything to eat. We try to keep our home peanut free, but with snacks and treats coming home from school or parties it is hard to do. We are lucky that he has not had to go to daycare, Bryan's mom or sister watch him and they both are great about watching what he eats and they know how to administer the Benadryl and EpiPen. His preschool has done everything possible to keep him safe. They have me check every package of snacks they plan on serving the kids and have made their school as peanut free as possible. I sent half dozen cupcakes at the beginning of the year, Miss Carolyn has them at her home in the freezer, whenever one of his classmates bring birthday treats she goes home and gets one of his special cupcakes. That is what I would call going above and beyond!!
I found a link to these cool shirts-
I plan on getting him this one so that if he ever has a playdate or goes to Sunday school I can dress him in this so that there will be less of a chance for the adult to accidentally allow him to have peanuts.

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