Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bad Bad Blogger

I apologize for the lack of entries, life has gotten in the way. Our house is as busy as ever, I'm still trying to catch up from the time off with The Boss. She is doing great, we go to the Dr. today for a check-up and to have the catheter removed. She has done quite well after surgery, she had a set back a last week that we had to get some medications for, but other than that things have gone well at home. I have been in the studio trying to get in all the sessions before it gets cold outside so I have been plenty busy. The Chatterbox and Badger Boy had their Parent/Teacher Conferences last night, we have a few hings to work on but overall they are doing pretty good. The Boss and Miss Brainy's conferences are on Thursday so hopefully we hear nothing but good news there.
The Chatterbox and Badger Boy spent the weekend at my Mom and Scott's, where Scott taught them how to shoot with a bow. Badger Boy loved every minute of it and really took to it. Scott said it only took him a few tries before he was doing it on his own without any help. By the time we got there on Sunday he was hitting the bulls eye pretty consistently. Not bad for a lefthander using a right handed bow!

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