Saturday, August 2, 2008

Little Buddy is 3

We had Little Buddy's Birthday Party last Sunday at Bryan's Parents house. Bryan and his Dad were in charge of the grill, so we had BBQ Ribs, shrimp-n-bacon, pepper poppers, grilled onions, and mushrooms. I decided to make his cake this year, so we didn't run the risk of an allergic reaction on at his party. As I was finishing up decorating the cake I accidentally dropped it and had to spend another hour "fixing" it. It doesn't look to bad in the pictures but I can tell where I had to fix it. The top or racetrack area actually splint in two and I had to Dr. it up as best as I could, with a ton of frosting. Ace of cakes I am not!!

He loved his pinata which was suppose to open up by pulling on the strings but all but one string fell out so we let them beat it with a bat. Badger Boy ended up breaking it open.

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