Monday, January 7, 2008

Meet the Monsters!

I thought I would start a blog so that family and friends can see what is going on in our crazy life. My 5 Monsters is what I lovingly call my "sweet" children, so the title of this blog is very well suitedMonster #1 or The Boss is in the 8th grade now, she likes t.v., music, and boys!
Monster #2 or Miss Brainy is in the 7th grade, she likes school, volleyball, and music.
Monster #3 or The Chatterbox is in the 4th grade, she loves to do ballet, tap dance and sing along with musicals.
Monster #4 or Badger Boy is in the 2nd grade, he likes to ride his bike and watch cartoons.
Monster #5 or Little Buddy is "2 in a Hab" (Little Buddy language for 2 1/2), he loves the movie cars, coloring, and reading books.
My goal is to post at least weekly, but hopefully more often than that. Check back often to see what crazy things my monsters are up to.

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